Floor and Decor Outlets in America

Floor and Decor Outlets in America has become very popular lately, mainly due to the growing desire of the population to improve their homes. This retailer of the hard-surface flooring and corresponding accessories operates more than twenty stores in six states, including Florida, California, and Texas. This company stocks a wonderful collection of flooring tiles (granite, ceramic, marble, slate, porcelain, travertine), hardwood floors, decorative bathroom items (glass, sinks, and wall tiles), as well as the tools without which flooring jobs can't be performed in a proper way (moldings, grout, wet saws). It's important to know that Floor and Decor offers its products at 20% - 50% cheaper than other companies. It was founded in 2001 and is known for its ambitious purpose of equaling the market share of its main rivals Lowe's and Home Depot in its markets.

There are many opinions about Floor and Decor Outlets in America and all of them are diverse. Let's have a look at the first one of such opinions.

A USA citizen witnesses that he was not positively impressed after his visit to Floor and Decor Outlets in America. He gives the highest point for layout, prices, and variety of choices but only one point for service. The man described that they were walking around the place for quite long before asking the cashier, who had no idea of what they were looking for. It was some young man who helped them to find the necessary item. The whole situation annoyed the customer and his friends a lot. At that time he noticed two sales people who were busy consulting some couple and it was really surprising why none of them paid attention to them. Maybe the reason was that the man was wearing silly yoga pants but that didn't mean that he wouldn't buy stuff! Whatever, they still bought the necessary stuff.

Another client called the workers of Floor and Decor Outlets in America thieves and liars and he can be well understood. The case was as follows. The man bought a lot of tile for his home improvement project, and then he needed more...but wasn't sure how much exactly. So, a salesman recommended him to buy more than needed in order not to come back soon. This was what he did. Some time later, the client decided to return the remains of tiles but they refused to take it back saying that more than thirty days had already passed. It was their mistake that they didn't warn him about these conditions.

The third customer claims that he left the tiles he'd bought before for the manager to look at, but when he came back to pick them back up the manager tried to hand off some different tiles. This is the bargain that costs only $70 but is it worth the nerves of the client? So, if you have bought some stuff don't leave it to anyone, otherwise you risk coming home with unnecessary products.

One more man describes that he was driving around Hilliard in search of good shopping centers, and Floor and Decor Outlets in America caught his eye. He entered this place to look for some rugs on clearance but it turned out that this store specializes in hardwood flooring and tiles only. Even though the man didn't buy anything, he thought that it was a wonderful place for people interested in restoring their kitchen, backyard, or who just wants to see a great variety of different types of tile. Even though the man wasn't going to do any home improvement projects after visiting the store he got a desire to make a little patio for himself.

Posted by Teena Carlson