Enjoy Your Bathroom With Decorating Bathroom Ideas

Today, every homeowner is offered a great variety of decorating bathroom ideas from a professional decorator. However, before following at least one of them you need to decide how much money you are ready to spend on them, what theme of design you'd prefer to see in your bathroom, etc. you're also required to be open to changes and to demonstrate at least a bit of your imagination.

The most popular decorating bathroom ideas include: beach theme (shells and ocean); floral theme; fruit theme (one type of fruit or many); and birds theme (one type of birds or a variety of them). It should be mentioned that your towels and other accessories should correspond to the chosen design theme as well, look 2bubbleblog.com/greenlight-loans-reviews.html. However, it may not refer to tiny things like a soap dispenser, and a waste basket the color and design of which can be changed regularly every three months. But still you may be surprised how these small what-nots can change the overall look of your bathroom.

If your family budget is too small, there is a possibility to create your own theme using different kinds of linens and accessories including the shower curtain, hand and body towels, a throw rug, and other bathroom items. Of course you won't need to change permanent flooring, but you can use an opportunity to purchase a boldly colored throw rug for your bathroom.

Another decorating bathroom idea calls you to consider using a Persian or Oriental type of rugs. As far as it is known, light colors are able to make even extremely small rooms look more spacious. On the other hand, dark colors can make large rooms look cozy. If the door opens inside your bathroom, it's recommended to choose the rug of about 1/2" thick. This type of a rug won't be too expensive and it can be easily laid down onto the floor.

If your throw rug is expected to be rather close to the shower, it's highly advised to use a bathmat instead. Otherwise, the throw rug will be soaked with water.

If you have a significant sum of money to spend on decorating your bathroom, you can purchase high quality bathroom fixtures, tiles, faucets, and cabinetry. Generally speaking, you can broaden this list of bath items depending on your family budget. But if the fund is limited buy the most important items.

Faucets and sinks can range from $150 and up to about $1,000. The choice is really overwhelming. Such home centers as Home Depot and Lowe's, however, don't provide their customers with an extensive collection. Plumbing supply houses and bath showrooms offer a much wider choice of bathroom items at rather high prices though.

Selecting bath or shower fixtures as well as faucets ensure that they have the finish the other accessories do ( like toilet paper holder, towel bar, etc.). In this way, your theme will be more consistent. Keep in mind that these items should adhere to the general style, be it traditional or contemporary.

If there is enough space in your bathroom, consider purchasing a pedestal sink that will look really royal. By the way, you are going to save hundreds of dollars buying it instead of a traditional vanity set. Nowadays, pedestal sinks are available in numerous designs some of which have a big size. If you decide to buy one of these, it's recommended to use a small shelf under the mirror. It is much cheaper in comparison with the countertop of a vanity.

Another useful decorating bathroom idea concerns the surface for casual items. It consists in getting a small shelf above the toilet. If the sink neighbors the toilet it can be a rather long shelf where you can store candles and what-nots. This unique shelf will add style and color to your bathroom.

Next, you can replace the traditional medicine cabinet with a mirror with a unique frame. It should be a frame that would perfectly complement your bathroom theme. Also consider the shape of your mirror should comply as well. And you need to have a closet in the room for storing other items which you used to keep in the medicine cabinet.

No bathroom decorating ideas will be complete without discussion of the bathroom lighting. The latter doesn't only enable you to see around but also gives good mood and adds style to the room in general. If you change the location of your current lighting, you will get additional holes in ceilings or walls for which you will also need to pay money. So, it's better to avoid making relocations of lighting in bathroom if you are just redecorating it.

You can simply replace the current fixtures with the ones of the new design or theme. You can use an exhaust fan with lights, illuminated make-up mirrors, medicine cabinets with lighting parts, etc. Nevertheless, make sure that you have both general and direct lighting.

Remember that lighting has to be comfortable for your eyes. A central fixture that is usually represented by a chandelier will bring you general lighting. You can use scented candles for good mood and a romantic atmosphere.

Summing up, it's important to emphasize that using decorating bathroom ideas don't forget to express your taste and personality though them, and undoubtedly your friends will gladly visit this part of your house. Remember that remodeling a bathroom can be fun and inexpensive.

Posted by Teena Carlson